OTTAWA FOYERS PARTAGE (OFP) is a non-profit organization that provides permanent housing and programming for people with multiple disabilities in Ottawa, Ontario. First opening its doors in 1982, OFP currently runs five residences, two supported independent living apartments and its ComputerWise program.  We are committed to inclusive communities.



1OFP is dedicated to ensuring that our residents and participants are active members of their community. Stimulating and engaging activities are encouraged, including volunteerism, day programming, outings, workshops, presentations, concerts and special events.


2Engaging participants through the use of technology, ComputerWise offers people with multiple disabilities the opportunity to participate in skills development projects and social activities which build confidence, knowledge of resources and encourage community inclusion.


3OFP is committed to empowering our residents and participants to explore their dreams. We have concrete goal-setting that is completed on an annual basis and continually updated, in addition to the daily and weekly goals that are set and achieved.


4Our residents and participants are strong advocates for the rights of the disabled. At the core of their advocacy work is the desire to create a barrier-free world for all. We are committed to working with our community partners to improve accessibility.